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Garment size can vary from brand to brand so please take care with size selection, especially in the more fitted garments. If in doubt call us for advice.

We offer a Free Size Exchange for orders over $100 in value. Please read our Returns & Exchange Policies.


Often you will see measurements as '1/2 chest' or '1/2 waist' - these are the 'measurements of the garment in centimetres' laying down from left seam to right seam.

1/2 chest measurement

There are two ways to measure:

    1. Measure a shirt you already wear that fits you well.
    2. Measure your body.

    1. Measure a shirt you already wear that fits you well;
       a) Lay a shirt down and measure from left side-seam to right across body (2.5cm below the armpit - as above).
       b) Match that measurement up to the 'Half Chest' size list to get your equivalent size.

   2. Measure yourself (chest);
       a) Measure all the way around your chest.
       b) Divide by 2 (to get 1/2 your chest).
       c) Now add some room for movement - 5 to 10cm
            • note: All Blacks would add ZERO. If you add 10cm shirt will be a looser fit.
            • Remember to allow for garment bulky garments you may wear underneath.
       d) Now you have a measurement that you can match up to the
            1/2 chest measurement listed on most garment size specs.

Other garments, particularly trousers and business shirts will not mention '1/2 chest' etc, and indicate the 'to fit' measurement. In this case measure around your waist for trousers and around your neck for certain business shirts. Measuring the neck is particularly important if you are buttoning up and wearing a tie.

If you are unsure about anything related to the sizing of garments please email or phone us. This will avoid a lot of hassle later on when you receive a garment that does not fit properly.

how to measure

Click to view some of the brand specific measuring guides;

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      JB's Wear
      Turu Overalls/Dustcoats
      Dri Gear / Essentials


6 5.5 39
6.5 6 39
7 6.5 40
7.5 7 40/41
8 7.5 41
8.5 8 41/42
9 8.5 42
9.5 9 42/43
10 9.5 43
10.5 10 43/44
11 10.5 44
11.5 11 44/45
12 11.5 45
13 12.5 46
14 13.5 47
15 14.5 48
16 15.5 49


Good luck with your shopping experience. Please read our Returns and Exchange Policies carefully. Contact us if you need assistance working out your sizes.