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Safety products are all pretty similar right? A hard hat, safety specs, and a pair of riggers gloves and you’re ready to go on site?  WRONG

In 2013, safety products are purpose built for the relevant occupation and defined by Standards requirements, environmental conditions, time of use, body shape and expected product life cycle. With so many considerations, what makes ProChoice Safety Gear “Safe As”?
1. Our Products 
ProChoice is widely regarded as having the best quality and most technically advanced safety products in the Australian and New Zealand safety equipment market. We have an ever-expanding range of safety gear produced for extreme conditions that not only meet Australian and New Zealand Standards, but are also Certified by an independent third party where applicable.
2. Our Service 
Customers appreciate our Australia and New Zealand-wide distribution network, which translates to rapid order turnaround, with localised customer service. We are able to comfortably meet stock service requirements of our customers, and satisfy end user demand. 
3. Our Image 
Standout packaging and branding makes the ProChoice range “pop” in sales displays. The use of Danny Green as the face of ProChoice and Brand Ambassador has proven to be a winner in TV, billboard and printed media.
4. Integrity
We have consistently maintained our loyalty to our distributor network, and our sense of fair play – a legacy passed on from ProChoice’s founder, the late Rob Bird. Our corporate policy and community commitment cements our standing as responsible corporate citizens.

Paramount Safety Products was founded by the late Rob Bird in 1992 and now employs 45 people throughout an extensive distribution network. Offices and distribution warehouses are located in Auckland, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. 

In 2004 our company launched the brand ProChoice Safety Gear and experienced remarkable growth across Australia. Using feedback from our customers, the ProChoice Safety Gear range has continued to expand to meet their requirements.

Where applicable, all items in the ProChoice Safety Gear range conform to Australian Safety Standards, which are amongst the most stringent in the world.

Bump Cap - Micro Peak Fluro Orange


$39.00 + GST  $44.85 Including GST

Bump Cap Hi Vis, Long Peak

Model: BCFO

$35.30 + GST  $40.60 Including GST

Bump Cap Hi Vis, Short Peak


$35.30 + GST  $40.60 Including GST

Bump Cap, Long Peak

Model: BCBG

$27.85 + GST  $32.03 Including GST

Bump Cap, Short Peak

Model: BCNSP

$27.90 + GST  $32.09 Including GST

ProChoice® Hi-Vis Rain Suit

Model: RSHV

$34.20 + GST  $39.33 Including GST

ProComfort Knee Pads

Model: KPLS

$77.95 + GST  $89.64 Including GST

ProFlex Knee Pads, by ProChoice

Model: KPSS

$37.00 + GST  $42.55 Including GST

Provek Disposable Coveralls, PolyProp 5 Pack

Model: DOWP

$74.30 + GST  $85.45 Including GST

Pyromate® Welders Apron

Model: WA96

$40.80 + GST  $46.92 Including GST

Pyromate® Welders Apron

Model: WA108

$44.60 + GST  $51.29 Including GST

Turtle Back Knee Pads

Model: KPHS

$77.95 + GST  $89.64 Including GST

V9 Hard Hat, Vented/Pushlock 9 Colours

Model: HHV9

$15.80 + GST  $18.17 Including GST

V9 Hard Hat, Vented/Ratchet

Model: HHV9R

$19.50 + GST  $22.43 Including GST